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Reviews of books on travel.

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    4* - Cute Treasure Hunt + well written Travel Journal = Wonderful Journey!

    A fun, and funny, look at moving to Italy

    4* beautifully written exploit of his bicycling adventures across the United States of America.

    5*whimsical, light-hearted and entertaining

    Essays on Tokyo

    Book Review of Stepping Wild by Phill Grounds

    A lot of good information about trail life and culture.

    Book Review - A Pink Suitcase

    A wonderful collection of short stories chronicling women traveling around the world

    Extraordinary Travel Memoir

    Bill Raney explores the world with his wife, young son and dog. A fascinating and humorous travel memoir is the result.

    Waltzing Australia

    The trip of a lifetime

    After having lived in Taipei for ten years, author Troy Parfitt sets out on an epic journey to test the theory that China is ascending toward a position of global hegemony. The result is whirlwind tour of the Chinese world, one that enlightens, astonishes, and entertains. Parfitt shows us he is the perfect China tour guide: the steward of an intimate knowledge of the nation's history, culture, and psyche, yet not serving any interest other than an investigative one. "Why China Will Never Rule the World" is a unique and powerful book, one that will change the way people think about China and its great rise.

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