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Reviews of books for teens.

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    Book Review - Game Changers

    Review of YA book about football and friendships

    Book Review - Grave Mercy

    Book 1 of the "His Fair Assassin" series.

    An imaginative, intelligent adventure where compassion and individualism triumph over evil and conformity

    An interesting bio of Steve Jobs for pre-teens/teens

    Chaos comes to Myrridia's immediate neighbors when the King of Esterlyn passes away after a long illness and the 2-year-old King of Wyckendom is murdered in his cradle, on the same day. The heir to Esterlyn, 12-year-old Frederich DiStephane, is abducted as his uncle prepares to usurp the throne, while an unexpected heir to Wyckendom, Kathaine Severinson, appears at that royal castle. In the midst of these events, Frederich's young friends mount a search party, uncaring of the potential dangers to themselves, and traverse the length of Myrridia in pursuit. In "Kingdom in the Balance," by author Debra Killeen, shadows of past events continue to threaten teh present and new Magical talents arise as those with power in Myrridia work to rescue Frederich and aid him in claiming his inheritance.

    "Finding Faith" by C.E. Edmonson is set during the Great Depression which is causing business problems for Faith Covington's father. She is forced to leave her comfortable life in New York City and go live with her mother in the Pennsylvania wilderness on her Aunt Eva’s farm. Faith’s previous education at a private girls’ school never could have prepared her for roughing it this way, or for the revelations she will soon discover about her family. Faith is stunned when she learns Aunt Eva is part Ojibwa and part Lenape—and so is Faith. As Faith adapts to her new environment and her aunt’s determination to follow “the way of the People,” she begins to discover new things about herself and her abilities. Faith soon befriends her aunt’s Lenape neighbor, twelve-year old Paul Crow. When the properties of Paul and Faith’s families are thought to be worth fortunes, Faith and Paul uncover a dangerous plot to force the Lenape people from their land.

    Darkness and Light by Kathryn Nichole

    Darkness and Light is about an artist who dreams of a beautiful. However he has no idea that she is very real. There are a lot of twists in this book and you never know what is going to happen.

    Sun fairies both good and evil, monstrous creatures, adventure, magic, a talking strawberry bush, ant royalty, and an epic battle for the freedom of an entire world are in store in the wonderful young adult fantasy Victor and the Sun Orb by Amy Nielsen.

    Summer Sanctuary by Laurie Gray

    My Take: I really enjoyed this book. I was curious about it when I first read the summary because I homeschool my daughter and homeschooled my two older children all the way through school. Beside a few spots where the author made Matthew a little naive ( seemed that he was that way because of his being homeschooled, Most homeschooled children that I know are more away of the entire world than the average child their age) I thought that the author portrayed a homeschooled child very well. I was touched my how willing that Matthew was to watch after Dinah and how he tried to come up with solutions to her problems. They made a fine team. I was disappointed that he felt he needed to hide Dinah from his parents because I am sure that something could have been worked out that she wouldn't of had to go into child welfare. Over all I thought this was a very enjoyable books and I am going to give it to my daughter to read next.

    "Golden's Rule" by author C.E. Edmonson centers around fourteen-year-old Maddie Bergamo who seems to have it all— looks, brains, mad moves on the basketball court, a cute crush, and true friends. Her life right on track to make her eventual goals of the Olympics and a sports scholarship to her Ivy League dream school. But then life topples her neatly stacked plans, and Maddie finds herself in a fight for survival. As events spiral out of her control, Maddie receives an unexpected gift: an ancestor’s extraordinary diary of life as a slave girl. And what Maddie discovers within those pages changes her world forever.

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