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Reviews of self-help books.

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    The attitude of a leader is very important because it will determine the level of success he or she will obtain. In John C. Maxwell’s book Attitude 101, the following three areas are examined: the impact of attitude, the formation of attitude, and the future with the right attitude. Maxwell focuses on how one’s attitude plays a vital role in a leader being successful or unsuccessful. Maxwell points out how the attitude of a leader influences those around them. The wrong attitude negatively affected teams. According to Maxwell, It does not matter how talented the team is. If the team is talented but the attitudes are rotten then that equals a bad team. However, if the team is talented and the attitudes are good, then that equals a great team. Therefore, the potential of a person or a group of people will never go beyond the attitude of the person or group of people.

    Review: How to Interview Like a Pro

    Can't seem to get the interviews and job offers you want? Time to learn How to Interview Like a Pro by longtime human resources director Mary Greenwood, JD. LL.M

    A self-help book to help you get through those tough times

    Review of Falling in Love with Your Life

    A guide to laugh, reflect and enjoy life... because it doesn't have to be perfect to be great!

    Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey - book review

    Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey By Tami Brady Published by Baker & Taylor, Ingram Book Group ISBN 1932690484 Given to me by publisher through arrangement with ReviewtheBook Tami Brady was a winner: She was one of the few graduate archaeologists able to work in the field of archaeology rather than drive a taxi or flip burgers. She succeeded in everything she tried to do. She supervised digs; she wrote; she journaled. She was married with two children. Tami Brady was a loser. She was a perfectionist; her best wasn't good enough, and less than her best she simply wouldn’t do. She was in constant pain and exhaustion from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. One day both legs gave out and she was stuck in a hole for a while. She forgot things in the “fibrofog” of lost memory. Finally she managed to put the two sides of herself together and figure out to what extent her winning abilities caused, or at least triggered, her losing qualities. She was able to determine what she could do to get rid of the perfectionism and to ease the suffering of her ailments. Not content with solving her own problems, she put together this book, which first details her wins and losses so that the readers may join her in figuring out the causes/triggers of their ailments, and see which of her solutions can help them. She goes on to create a chart of what to do if such-and-such a problem or such-and-such a disease trigger occurs, and then continues to create a workbook whereby the reader can determine his or her own triggers and figure out what helps them to heal as quickly as possible. As a long-time sufferer of these two ailments--I am presently writing with a severe backache, and can't take any more meds until four hours from now--I can assure you that I will be trying out her suggestions. I already know that some of them work, and I expect that others also will help me. I recommend this book to anyone fighting chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, and particularly to those unfortunates who are combating both at once. And having said that, I am going to follow Tami's advice and make myself horizontal for a while. PS—I feel much better now, thank you.

    A Book Review for A Layman's Guide To Managing Fear

    How to be the BEST advocate for your healthcare.

    We all have a story. Most of our stories have bumps and bruises that leave us at the fork in the road as to where to go next, feeling alone on the journey of life. Reshaping Reality, by author Robin Marvel, will encourage you to shake your spirit awake from anything that is limiting you from your potential, propelling you into a life of purpose and meaning, giving you the support needed to grow, evolve, and empower your life. Today, you stop existing and start L-I-V-I-N-G. Readers who follow the "Reshaping Reality" exercises will: gain tools to reshape programmed beliefs; discover what cycles you are stuck in and ways to break them; learn how to break patterns of self destruction; explore ways to reshape your inner child; and empower mind, body and spirit by taking an active approach to your life.

    Key Battles in the War Against Workplace Stress is a self-help book by Tom “TJ” Jones targeted to those who might be struggling with workplace stress and are looking for ways to better manage it.

    You have likely heard one or more of the following statements: Drinking coffee sobers a person up; Alcoholism is not a disease ; cancer is a disease; alcoholism is a choice - put down the bottle; and letting your teen drink at home teaches them how to drink safely. Whether any of these sound familiar or you've questioned any number of the other common presumptions about drinking alcohol, "Crossing the Line from Alcohol Use to Abuse to Dependence," by author Lisa Frederiksen, from is for you. It can be used by parents, students, people worried about their drinking, clinicians, policy makers, law enforcement officials, doctors, social workers, family law attorneys, medical school students, and treatment center providers, the list is endless. Here readers will find the latest brain and addiction-related research and science discoveries written for the general public that debunk the common myths about drinking alcohol.

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