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Reviews of poetry books.

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    We have all lost a dear one at some point in our lives. Grief, depending on the relationship with the one deceased, affects us differently. I feel my Dada and Mausi’s absence every single day for disparate reasons. But these two losses have taught me that their time had come. And that life is about celebrating those alive and not just mourning those who have moved on. Optimism and faith are the keys to overcoming the roadblocks life puts in our way. "Because All is Not Lost," by author Sweta Srivastava Vikram, tries to state that there is always hope for anyone coping with grief. No one can tell us exactly how; the voyage has to be undertaken by each of us individually.

    The introduction reads "Two unlikely facts collided at the event of my birth, with potentially lethal consequences. The first fact concerned the genes that my parents carried in their cells. The second fact concerned the memes they carried in their heads." After reading this first paragraph I knew I was in for an interesting read. I understand genes and how they influence our lives genetically, however, my interest was sparked by what memes his parents had and would attempt to pass on. With a little more reading I found out: Jehovah's Witness and their interpretations of the Bible. At that moment I knew this will be a page turner, and I have to say it didn't disappoint me.

    Turnings: Lyric Poems Along the Road

    "Part memoir and part anthology - this book is a spiritual autobiography. ...And because he has a gift of lyric poetry, he includes a rich selection of poems written as his life experience unfolds, making the evolving of a sensitive spirit." (Part of blurb from back of book.) The combination of narrative and poetry made the read more interesting because, as a reader, I could journey into Donald L. Fletcher's soul and get in touch with his internal spirit.

    When you feel and don't know how to say...that is getting into the depths of the soul. And, that's exactly what Estafania Crespo does as she offers her rendition of feelings, thoughts, and contemplations through her words of poetry.

    Generous Fiction by Michael Cervin

    This book is unique.

    Pat writes from her soul and experiences.

    Common Sense by C. G. Ferrel

    Thoughtful and thought-provoking C. G. Ferrel's "Common Sense" give s us an opportunity to go within ourselves and contemplate our beliefs and attitudes toward life, actions, others, and mostly ourselves.

    The Poet's Quill: Musing of Mind and Spirit

    The back cover says " The Poet's quest is one of wide magnitude. He or she must explore the untapped regions of mind and spirit and then proceed to paint a picture in words of that strange and mysterious landscape. The book before you is such a picture, depicting a new yet ancient province of the soul."

    First Light: Selected Poems by Alberto Romero offers 30 poems printed in their original Spanish and also translated to English. After reading any poetry collection the reader should take away a good sense of who the author is. This is definitely the case with this wonderful assortment of the artist’s best work.

    A Pig in the Rumble Seat & other short stories

    This collection of 23 short stories and poem collection was a refreshing read. The stories are a mix of real life tales of the past, works of fiction and works of science fiction along with a collection of poems. The stories range from fantasy science fiction to real life science history, with stories from the great depression era and historical family memories. The author has many different writing styles. Each story was unique in its own way, and while I didn’t always enjoy each story, I knew the next story would be a fresh start and a different tone. Edward Hujsak did a wonderful job with his writings. The publication is what you would expect from the title, an intriguing collection of short stories. The cover art of this collection of stories will grab your attention and lure you into the contents. A Pig in the Rumble Seat was one of my favorite stories along with San Diego’s Missile, Killing a Rooster and The Still. I learned a lot of history by reading this book. I felt I was given an insight into the past, a revelation of time and how things have changed. I loved reading this because I grew up in southern New Hampshire and have spent many years in the same area as the author. It was very interesting to compare his memories with mine and how things have grown and changed over the course of years, but managed to somewhat stay the same. It made me miss home and long to go back. I enjoyed this book for many reasons. I learned things I did not know about in regards to science and missiles. I was amazed at the intelligence of the author, and enjoyed hearing his accounts first hand. The stories were all very different, but many of them were funny, insightful and useful. I felt I received a bit of American history through the readings, along with personal history and generational history. This collection of stories will stay with you. There is something in this book for everyone. I enjoyed reading it.

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