Suzy Watts
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By Suzy Watts
Published on 04/25/2011
The Herstory of Elena


ELENA by R E Shrubb

Published by Author House

ISBN 978-1-4520-9306-2

The story of the life and times of Elena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, was one I was not familiar with, until I read this book.  The author has presented this epic tale with great attention to detail, and produced a very entertaining and informative read in the process.

From the early pages, where Elena is a young girl finding her way in life, to the closing pages, where her son is ruling the Roman Empire, the reader is treated to a well crafted, meticulously researched novel.

Elena meets her future husband when they are both very young.   They become firm friends, and remain so throughout the rest of their lives.  The massive changes which take place within the Roman Empire during these times are explained in an interesting way, with not a trace of a boring history lesson in sight.  The cast list of characters is helpfully noted at the beginning.  The occasional peek to check on who's who may be required as the book incorporates many momentous happenings and the players involved therein.

History book, or ripping yarn, or both?  Whichever was intended by the author, the result is an enjoyable book about a fascinating historical figure, written in a clear and concise manner.  The attention to detail, the changes in typeface to distinguish between narrative, dialogue and letters, assists the reader and adds to the reading pleasure.  Highly recommended for all ages.