Steve Vail travels to Washington, D.C. and is looking forward to his New Year’s Eve date with Kate Bannon, an FBI assistant director. He helped the FBI with a case once before and had no idea they would once again ask for his assistance. Vail, a former FBI agent, works as a bricklayer. He does not like management and makes this fact well known.

The case the FBI needs assistance with involves a man named Calculus. Calculus, an officer with the Russian Embassy, informs the FBI that he has a list of Americans who are selling information to the Russian SVR. He is offering to sell the names for a price. He wants a quarter million dollars for each name and a half million for the last one. The last one would cost more because this person is a “highly placed intelligence agent.” At first Steve does not want any part of this case until the director talks to him in private. The director informed Steve about some things that have recently happened – some of which involve Kate. Steve changed his mind and agreed to become involved in the case. He would be working with Kate. However, Steve wanted it made clear that he would be working with her – not for her.

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Are Steve and Kate able to get through this dangerous case without something happening to them? Are they able to trust anyone?

Right from the very first page, Agent X starts with a rush of thrills that do not let up throughout the book. The author’s writing skills grabbed my attention and held it there until the end of the book. If you read The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd, you will know what I mean. I enjoyed The Bricklayer very much but liked Agent X even more. Noah Boyd knows how to write a thriller by combining action, intriguing characters and several plots going on at the same time and the pace of the book is exactly right. The relationship between Steve Vail and Kate Bannon is interesting and readers will look forward to where this all goes in future books. Agent X is the second book by Noah Boyd. Readers surely have much to look forward to in future books with this author’s writing style. Hold on to your seats for the last few chapters!