Author:  Chris Katsaropoulos
Publisher:  Luminis Books
ISBN:  978-1-935462-27-9

Mesmerizing and beautiful, a truly stunning book!  Katsaropoulos is new to writing fiction, and his first novel sets the bar incredibly high.  This book takes the reader into the minds and hearts of three very different people: 
     Holly, a beautician and single mom of 2 young daughters, involved once again with the wrong man for all the wrong reasons, leading a life of self destruction. 

     Tris, a well to do businessman nearing retirement age, with an overbearing wife and lots of regret about the past, and the childhood love he left behind. 

      And Amelia, abandoned by the love of her

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life, her childhood sweetheart, more than fifty years ago.  She's living a virginial life of self denial and emptiness, with a never ending hope for a return of that long lost childhood love she lost. 

In what can only be described as a truly unique style, the author takes us from the thoughts of one character directly into the next:  an ongoing narrative of a brief portion of these three lives, to a moment of intersection so hauntingly profound and exquisite, it will leave the reader astounded and deeply moved. 

With a debut such as this, I see a wonderfully promising future for this author.  A story and characters you will never forget, with a message as old and true as time itself.  I have already read this twice, and marveled at it even more the second reading.  I can not recommend this book highly enough!  A true classic for the ages