Revenge Served Cold
Jud Hanson
I learned to love reading at a very early age, thanks to many hours of being read to by my parents and grandparents. As far back as I can remember, libraries and bookstores have consumed much of my time and money. 
By Jud Hanson
Published on 06/19/2010
A hit-and-run accident brings up a hidden past for a housewife.

Murder in a small town

Kathy Spence has been living the American dream until one fateful night when the police come to her door. Her husband, Elliot, has been killed in what appears to be a hit-and-run accident. However, as the facts unfold, it appears that Kathy herself may have killed him. Local amateur sleuth Anne Marshall doesn’t think all it as it seems, in spite of all the facts appearing to point to Kathy. When she and her friends investigate, they discover that an old boyfriend with a bone to pick recently arrived in town, along with another woman who Kathy had been close with during college. Equally strange is the fact that Kathy received a strange package shortly before Elliot’s death, one that makes reference to a terminated pregnancy. As the facts unfold, Anne, with the help of her deceased father’s ghost, begins to fit the truth together as to the identity of Elliot’s killer. But will it be in time to prevent the murderer from striking again?

Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton is the second book featuring amateur sleuth Anne Marshall and her ghostly father. This new series is a superb addition to the growing category of “cozy” mysteries, generally referring to mystery novels which feature ordinary people as the heroes and lack the graphic violence of most murder mysteries. This novel features a fast moving plot and a superb cast of small town characters which provide just the right amount of drama to make this novel one of the best I’ve read in a while. Fullerton has shown she has a great deal of talent and I look forward to reading future entries in this series. Well-known cozy writers such as Diane Mott Davidson has best be on their toes if they want to keep pace.  If you love mysteries but are turned off by graphic violence, I recommend that you add this book to your reading list. This book is definitely worth 5 stars.