Excellent For Dealing with Procrastination
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Published on 03/10/2010
Book Review: EFT For Procrastination

Help for Procrastinators

EFT For Procrastination
Author:  Gloria Arenson, MFT
Publisher:  Energy Psychology Press
ISBN:  978-1-60415-042-1

How often have you put off doing something that you KNEW you needed to get done?  Procrastination.  Everyone has experienced it at least a few times.  It can make your life miserable, and cause stress not just for you but for the others around you.  Maybe it's a problem once and again,or maybe it's a frequent problem.  You know what needs to be done, and you know how to do it.  You probably even have the time, tools or materials you need to complete it, so why isn't it getting done?

Gloria Arenson, MFT has written an extremely helpful book on dealing with a common difficulty.  We put off doing a project because we want to avoid the feeling we have about it.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Shame, pain, bad memories or negative associations, or unpleasant experiences, possibly fear, anxiety or guilt.  Many times, we really don't exactly know why we are putting things off at all.

How do we move beyond procrastination?  By breaking free of whatever is holding us back and moving forward.  Sounds eaiser said than done, right?  With the correct method, it can be done, and it can be done painlessly.  With this helpful handbook, Arenson shows us just the tools we need to break free.

EFT is the acronym used for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists have learned how to utilize EFT to help their clients.  Gloria Arenson puts the same techniques into our hands, teaching us how to use it.  It really is a simple and easy to do procedure, but it's not totally without a bit of thought and work.

The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption somewhere in the body's energy system.  When our bodies, mind, emotions, etc., are working in harmony, we have positive energy; the problems and stresses that occur in everyday life is what causes a disruption in our energy flow.  Without the positive energy flowing easily through the body, mind and spirit, our personal energies are clogged along the way.  The premise of EFT is actually the center of all Eastern Medicine, psychology and spirituality.  It actually makes common sense when most people think it through, and allows the avoidance of medication or other medical intervention.  Success rates have proven that EFT is a valuable and valid therapy modality.

Gloria Arenson has provided the reader with the information and background needed to utilize EFT.  Written in detail with concise instructions, encouragement and case histories, this handbook will help an unlimited number of people reach their true potential.  I would consider this book to be an outstanding reasource for therapists and people in the helping professions, for parents wanting to help their kids overcome procrastination, and anyone having a problem in their life with procrastinating.