UnBreak you Health by Alan E. Smith will wow you at the number of alternative therapies in his book.
As a practitioner of TCM, I thought I heard of them all---boy, was I wrong.

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I was delighted to see how many modalities I was not familiar with. He breaks the book into health concepts, working with the body, the mind, and spirit with a thorough overview of each. He offers useful, “user” comments.

 His level of familiarity with energy healing arts is astounding and is a great introduction for those who seek basic information and understanding.
 He tells how these therapies are used and gives some solid, basic information about each. His chapter on insurance opens your eyes to being a proactive patient and not relying on what is paid for you. Each of us is in charge of our health and he offers non-traditional ways to resolve your health issues.
A lot of research went into this.
I enjoyed it and will use it as a referral source for my patients.
Well done.
This was a complimentary review copy.