Adiva Publications (2009)
ISBN 9780982301807
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/09)

I found “Why I Love Men” to offer a very refreshing, up-to-date approach on dating.  While telling her own personal story, the author, J.J. Smith also offers a wealth of advice on dating for women who are either getting back into the dating game or dissatisfied with their current dating situations. I really felt that there was something for everyone in the book. 

One of the most important issues that stood out to me while reading “Why I Love Men” was that Ms. Smith encourages women to better themselves in the areas of their looks, finances and careers.  While reading the book, I thought that there are going to be people who will perceive this negatively because they believe you shouldn’t have to change yourself for Mr. Right.  Well, I disagree with that idea.  What I liked about Ms. Smith’s positive encouragement to better yourself was she emphasized that in doing so you will have a better life.  By improving our lives, not only do we make ourselves better catches, but we also will enjoy our lives a great deal more, whether or not we are single or in a relationship.  Both men and women are more drawn to people who are attractive, successful and truly enjoying their lives.

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“Why I Love Men” offers some great ideas and action items on how to improve your life.  By taking a good hard look at what you have to offer a partner or what you are most likely to attract, you get a really good reality check.  Gaining an understanding of why you attract what you attract can also help you evaluate ways to improve your life so that you can start attracting what you really want.  And in doing so, you have fun!

I highly recommend this book.  I truly enjoyed reading “Why I Love Men” and I found Ms. Smith’s writing to be highly motivating and energizing.