They say that every story has two sides, in “Dark Destiny”, we see the other side in Sleeping Beauty. No longer does this legendary tale feature the famous blond, as it’s central character. We are finally introduced to the villain of the story. She is no longer viewed as the Dark Queen, but as a Princess named Elspeth. We are first introduced to Elspeth as a little girl running away from her Nurse. Stopped by a mysteries stranger, who she wants to learn more about, she is dragged back home. Next, we see an older Elspeth at the wedding of her sister Isabelle. Berated by her betrothed, Malcolm, she is surprised as a stranger comes to her aid. Falling for the said stranger, she abandons Malcolm on the day of their wedding. Leaving Malcolm to nurse the wrath that he holds for this elusive man, Jethart. Now, Elspeth finds herself ensconced in the Dark Realm becoming its Dark Queen. When Malcolm fulfills his vowel of killing Jethart, Elspeth does the only thing she can, She teaches their son Ossian the magic he needs to revenge the death of his father. When Elspeths sister Isabelle seeks her aid in having a child, Isabelle, is forced to enter

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her daughter into a betrothal with Elspeths son. When it comes to light that Isabelle’s daughter Ealasaid, has been promised to Malcolm’s son, Roderick, the Dark Queen then places the now famous curse upon Ealasaid. Upon hearing that Ealasaid would die once she pricks her finger upon a golden spindle, Isabelle’s younger sister revises the curse so that instead of dying she would only sleep until awoken by true loves kiss. As Roderick races to save Ealasaid, the Dark Queen imprisons him. Will Ossian kill Roderick, or will Roderick escape and save the damsel in distress?
      Kym Hackenberger and Melody Lowe have brilliantly woven the magic of Merlin, with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. “Dark Destiny”, is a spellbinding story that combines charm, wit and personality. Hackenberger and Lowe, sheds new light on an old story. Brilliantly packaged with an eye catching cover that instantly will have drawn in. “Dark Destiny”, is a must read for all ages. The first sentence will have you spell bound. I look forward from seeing more from these charming authors.