Deer in My Garden By Carolyn Singer
Angela Simmons
I am 23 and I review for Review the 
By Angela Simmons
Published on 10/14/2009
A book that every gardener should own.

Deer in My Garden by Carolyn Singer
Carolyn Singer, has provided us with an in-depth guide to gardening, Thanks to her young grandson asking the question “Grandma, why don’t you just grow yucky flowers?” all gardeners are now lucky to have her wisdom on flowers. Chocked full of interesting facts not found in other gardening books, Singer displays a wide verity of plants, “ Deer in My Garden”, offers the reader a wealth of knowledge that even nurseries fail to provide. If like many others you stand staring at a plant wondering what to plant along beside it Carolyn, has provided a list of companion plants for each plant listed. Also she has included a plant description, cultural requirements, bloom, seasonal interest, propagation, and maintenance information for every plant. “Deer in My Garden”, contains many plants not found in other garden books that I have consulted. Also thanks to this book I have been able to identify several plants in my own garden. Singer, not only includes facts, but also personal experiences giving this book a personal flair. “Deer in My Garden”, is the first in what I’m sure is going to be an amazing series.
    Carolyn Singer, has captured the essence of gardening into a single book. Whether you are an avid gardener or just a Sunday planter, this is the book for you. Many gardeners have awoke to find their prized plant has become dinner for the local wildlife, Singer has provide us with the solution to keep your garden in bloom. Do not head to the nursery without your copy of  “Deer in My Garden”.