“Narrow Lives”, opens with Cecilia Whichgood Haslett, who for years has been harboring a secret that could destroy the lives of many prominent members of the town. Cecilia is upset to see that her granddaughter, Danielle, is heading for the down the same path that she herself had stumbled down many years before. Unwilling to heed her grandmother’s advices, Danielle marries Gary Marshall, who turns out to be the town drunk. Moving back to Marquette, after inheriting her grandmothers house she finds herself in a compromising situation with the banks president. Gary, after losing the house due to a gambling problem, makes a deal with Lysander Blackmore, the bank president. The next morning Gary turns up dead. Worrying about the deals that he and Gary made, Lysander shows backup at Danielle’s house to sort through her papers. After finding a letter addressed to him in Cecilia’s hand, Lysander is found dead in his office. The only reminates of the letter is a pile of ashes. From there we are transported back to when Lysander was still alive we witness when his wife, Lydia finds out that he was having an affair. From there we enter into the lives of Lydia’s parents, Roger and Delia Richardson, we find out how her father was accused of killing the town beauty, Madeline Henning. We see how Delia eventually forgave Roger and the fall in lobe with him. Next, we meet Serena, who is trapped by Lysander who is trying to seduce her so she can keep her family’s piano. Christian comes to her aid we see the friendship that transpires

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between them and also witness it come to an end. From there we are brought into the lives of the Blackmore children who are now grown, we see the effect their father’s death had one them, and we seen their son, Nigel, leaving home to escape their mother. Matildia, their daughter has secretly married the maid son, and has developed her own problems. Now we are brought into the live of yet another resident of Marquette, the illegitimate son of Lysander Blackmore. We witness the struggle that Scofield Blackmore has dealt with all his life. Never feeling worthy, always chained to the legacy his parents left for him. After marrying a girl he was trying to protect, he felt his life would change, only once again to be slapped in the face. His wife left him and their daughter and ran off with the inheritance that another of Lysander’s illegitimate children had left him. Finally he receives a much need brake when Danielle Haslett helps him to find a respectable job which leads to respectable friends. Now he is able to rise up from ashes of his previous life. Free from the sins of his father, Scofield id finally able to give his daughter the life he never had.
   With each chapter, Tyler R. Tichlaar, opens a door to the private lives of each of his characters. “Narrow Lives”, takes you on a journey through time and place, throughout the town of Marquette. Michigan. A town where the fabric of their lives has all become entwined with the single thread of one man. A unique collection of short stories that span the years, “Narrow Lives”, is a book that all should read