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Published on 09/30/2009
Review of the following book: 2009 Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory Author: Deana Riddle Publisher: New Vision Media

READ this before you publish your book!

2009 Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory

Author:  Deana Riddle
Publisher:  New Vision Media

Wow!  I've read several self publishing help books/directories, and this is by far the most extensively researched and helpful one I have come across.

Any question you have about self publishing is sure to be answered here, in an easy-to-understand method and very thoroughly.  This book will definitely stay on my reference shelf, and I will be sure to watch for updates by this author as they become available. 

Anyone considering or planning to self publish will thank themselves for buying this book.  It will prove to be a valuable timesaver, moneysaver and sanity saver.