Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition: Self-publishing Directory BY: Deana Riddle PUBLISHED BY: New Vision Media PUBLISHED IN: 2009 ISBN: 978-0-9822674-9-3 Pages: 213 Reviewed by Billy Burgess With a flashy cover, the Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition: Self - publishing Directory will catch any writer’s eye. Being a writer myself, I have read several resource and writing books, but this is the first I’ve read about self-publishing. The book is filled with over two hundred resources and over thirty articles. You learn every step there is in publishing

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your own book. Learn the difference between a book printer and a self-publishing service. Find out how to use social networking websites, blogs and book reviews to promote your book. My favorite sections are the Book Review Resources, and the Informational Sites and Writer Organizations. The tips in these sections are very helpful. I found the Writer Watchdog 2009 Edition to be full of wonderful information that any writer can use. Before jumping into the self-publishing world, I recommend reading this. Any questions you would ever have will be answered in this amazing book.