Freemasons……..Templar Knights………..Heaven’s Gate…………Skull and Bones. These are just a few of the topics  discussed in Cults, Conspiracies and Secret Societies by Arthur Goldwag.  I have always been

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fascinated with groups such as these and even more so since reading The DaVinci Code.  Goldwag covers just about  everything from obscure groups such as Best Friends Animal Society to Area 51 to Scientology with and amazing amount of detail. The doctrines of these groups range from the downright bizarre to the hysterically outlandish. Those of you who are 80’s kids like myself will remember the rumors about AIDS-that is was released by the Government. The older generation will remember the Tuskegee Experiment, in which sharecroppers were infected with syphilis and then given placebos in the guise of medication so that the effects of the disease could be documented. My favorite section was the part on the Priory of Sion which I hadn’t heard of until I read DaVinci Code. Bottom line: this is a great book that can be read straight thru or only the sections that interest the reader.