The Lucifer Gospel
Jud Hanson
I learned to love reading at a very early age, thanks to many hours of being read to by my parents and grandparents. As far back as I can remember, libraries and bookstores have consumed much of my time and money. 
By Jud Hanson
Published on 08/9/2009
This is a review of The Lucifer Gospel by Paul Christopher

The Lucifer Gospel

Archeologist  Ryan returns in Paul Christopher’s second novel of the series, The Lucifer Gospel.  This adventure takes Finn on a trip to Africa in search of the lost tomb of the apostle.  She is teamed up with photographer and pilot Virgil Hilts  on an expedition to Libya to find the tomb.  After narrowly escaping death in Cairo  at the hands of an assassin, they figure out that they are part of more than just a simple expedition.  When  the mysterious leaders of the expedition start making daily trips out into the desert to cave, Finn and Hilts sneak out there on their own and discover a medallion bearing the name of the fallen archangel and an old plane wreck.  They are soon running for their lives, as they try to learn what the medallion really means and what it can lead them to. Their journey takes them around the world and they must decide  what to do with the treasure if they find it, since it could shake the foundations of Christianity.

This book is an interesting one but not nearly as good as The DaVinci Code, which I think most people would agree is the gold standard for this-information-could-turn-Christianity-on-its-head novels.  I like the premise of the novel but don’t think that it goes far enough.  The characters are believable enough and the story follows pretty much the same format as similar novels. The difference here is that the Catholic Church isn’t involved at all, which would have added a lot to this novel. However, this is a good book and may be a good choice for someone if they find The DaVinci Code to involved to follow.  Overall, I’d give this 4 out of 5 stars and believe fans can look forward to many more good novels from this author.