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Book reviews for young adult/teens.

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    Book Review - Making It Home

    A wonderful time-travel story for teens

    A Whispering Springs Mystery

    More than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children

    12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship

    A Light Riders Novel

    A perfect teen ghost story

    Sofia's Dream Comes True

    An Elizabeth Parrot Landers mystery

    Determined Children Conquer Evil

    Nine-year-old Matilda has a problem: her shadow has been growing - and she hasn't. What happens when something grows unfettered? It eventually consumes - and that is what happens to Matilda. End of story? Not on your life: it's only the beginning! Sceadu, Your Shadow Holds a Secret holds unusually captivating cover art - a looming, evil mask/face - and is slated for young adult audiences despite its pre-teen protagonists. That's a good thing; because between a scary cover and a fantasy based on an end of the world prophecy that looms as a possible reality, the story line is recommended for mature teens into adult readers. Though billed as a young adult read, Sceadu, Your Shadow Holds a Secret will easily reach into adult circles as well (despite the ages of its young heroes and heroine), and promises as thrilling, unpredictable a read as any an adult fantasy. The device that ultimately proves the most successful, setting Sceadu apart from other fantasies, is the juxtaposition of children working within the context of a very adult world. I found this approach accessible, involving, and something different in young adult fantasy quest stories.

    All six episodes, lots of fun

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