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Reviews of books for teens.

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    Book Review - Rift

    A prequel for the popular YA Nightshade trilogy

    Life lessons for a young boy

    A simpler way to teach students the US Constitution

    Critically acclaimed, "The Battle for Tomorrow," by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, represents a new genre of topical realism that speaks to the emotional ghetto in which many American teenagers find themselves. It resonates with the growing despair of unemployed youth facing permanent joblessness and exclusion from the American economy and mainstream life. Yet it also offers a ray of hope, in the form of social and political empowerment. Set in late 2010, the novel foreshadows the massive social upheaval that will result in the nationwide Occupy Wall Street movement.

    While at her cousin's birthday party, young D.C. meets Rob. They have a great time and promise to meet again over the summer, but a father's untimely death and a mother's miscarriage keep them apart. Reunited at school, smart-alecky D.C. and introspective Rob slowly form a bond, as they share time, adventures and sporting activities together; they also share thoughts about the workings of the mind and nature, and observations about the quirky qualities of certain members of their own families. When tragedy strikes again, they try to come to terms with what it leaves behind, struggling to accept the uncompromising, one-directional nature of time. By the end of "Island Eyes, Island Skies," by author Richard Levine, both D.C. and Rob come to believe in the future and the second chances it will bring.

    Book Review - The False Prince

    Review of the first book in the YA Ascendance Trilogy

    Book Review - Game Changers

    Review of YA book about football and friendships

    Book Review - Grave Mercy

    Book 1 of the "His Fair Assassin" series.

    An imaginative, intelligent adventure where compassion and individualism triumph over evil and conformity

    An interesting bio of Steve Jobs for pre-teens/teens

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