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Reviews of self-help books.

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    Butterfly Awakens

    A memoir of transformation through grief

    Addicted to Health

    Excellent advice

    Preaching Happiness

    Sermons to help you understand happiness

    The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life is subtitled “Two Survivors Reveal the 13 Golden Pearls They’ve Discovered.” Those “golden pearls,” or life lessons, aided them to get past the traumatic events in their lives and to move on. The self-help book that they wrote, detailing what those 13 golden pearls are, is full of revelations that the authors hope will inspire readers of the book. The negative things that everybody experiences in their lives, to one extent or the other, do not have to define who we are as people.

    Book Review - Loved by Julie Shafer PhD

    Self-help for women to achieve the greatest and most worthwhile relationships.

    A great help in writing your memoir

    A journey from trial and loss to living triumphant and free from the pain.

    A treasure to use on your personal journey of discovery.

    A wonderful guide for freeing our minds from stress so that can live our lives in peace.

    A helpful journal to give you a positive outlook

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