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Religion and Spirituality

Reviews of books on religion and spirituality.

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    Book Review A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies and Rituals for the Body and Spirit Author: Stephanie Rose Bird Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books ISBN: 978-1-55652-764-7

    Book Review Indigo Awakening: A Doctor's Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World Author: Janine Talty, DO Publisher: Elite Books ISBN: 978-1-60070-63-7

    C B Fisher relates the dreams, visions and warnings of a deceased Creek Chief. Oktaharsars Harjo predicts coming disaster and collapse of the current system and tells of the Utopian world that arises from this destruction.

    Future Hope: ITP Book One

    Hope for mankind...physical or much more?

    Once Life Matters - A New Beginning by Marty Angelo

    Once life Matters - is about the life journey of Marty Angelo. He puts down on paper the struggles and bad decisions that rebellion can cause in one's life. Through this drama we get a peak of what it's like to be on the fast track and almost "making it" from the worlds stand point. Mr. Angelo astutely points out to the reader that God had his hand on his life while he continually spiraled down into the depths of this party lifestyle.

    The Map -The Way of All Good Men by David Murrow

    The Map is about a lost set of life changing instructions buried within the Gospel of Matthew. This anchient map shows men how to duplicate the walk of Christ which is vital if we are to complete our journeys today. The problem is the original writer(Matthew) wrote it with only the first audience in mind and this important code has been lost to many generations of readers until now, when God puts it on the hearts of several key figures to bring it to light again.

    This is a review of a good book on the topic of tithing and the attitudes that surround it and the relation with God

    Awakening the Eagle is one man's interpretation and guide to understand the Medicine Wheel of Native American Spirituality. It is a well written discourse with Brown's own artwork illustrating this edition

    Book Review of Awakening The Eagle: A Guide to the Medicine Wheel

    In "Explore the Book of Revelation" by author Julius M. Scott we see the Birth of Jesus Christ and the great conflict between God and Satan. Satan is defeated and thrown down to earth. The birth and life of our Jesus Christ, His death and Resurrection, are the most important single event in mankind’s existence. Without Christ’s sacrifice for our sins there is no one, except Jesus Christ, that has lived a sinless life. Without Jesus there could be no Book of Life and no way that we could gain access into the New Jerusalem. As Adam and Eve were disobedient all of their descendants have also been disobedient.

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