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Religion and Spirituality

Reviews of books on religion and spirituality.

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    Teaches children about Easter blessings

    4* Finding Salvation in the Darkness

    5 * A Journey from Darkness through to Light.

    A marvelous look at our souls

    Many people are looking for self-improvement and the subject of Eastern 'enlightenment' is now quite popular. But is enlightenment as a 'state', as we understand it, achievable? Even more do we really understand the 'self' we want to improve?

    Wake Up – God’s Talking to You is not a regular sort of dream interpretation book in which dreams can potentially mean any number of fanciful things; rather, it is a look at the importance of dreams in an entirely different light.

    Time-Life brings back their fantastic photo / info. books

    Connect with God

    Techniques to Bypass the Mind and Free the Soul

    The Only Way Out: Forgiveness - The Path To Peace & Happiness takes us deeper into the spiritual philosophy set out in De Lene’s earlier book, concentrating on our desire to hurt others, and the solution of reconciliation through absolution. We can never really be at peace unless we are willing to forgive wrong. In this book De Lene digs deeper into a metaphysical view of the world, particularly the idea of God, however, the philosophy presented is not at all ‘orthodox’ religion.

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