Deep Breaths By Leo Shelton ISBN: 9780979178641 Having lived for the last 17 years with a former Marine whose main expression of emotion is a wan smile and a quick nod of the head, I was shaken awake by the raw, demanding, cheek reddening words thrown at me by Leo Shelton from his new book of poetry. I was not expecting a male of our species to show such surprising depth of feeling. He took me on a roller coaster ride in my imagination from smooth New Orleans jazz to the hot streets of Amsterdam and everything in between; and all of this couched in love and honor and understanding. I know what I am getting grandma for Christmas this year, a copy of this book. She needs a little shaking up! And all us women need to know that men like Leo do exist and we all want one like him for Christmas. Or maybe we have men like him; they just don’t have any idea how to express themselves as eloquently as Leo Shelton does. So, I am giving a copy to my husband too, maybe he will get the hint and at least give me a big smile!