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Reviews of poetry books.

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    The Poet's Quill: Musing of Mind and Spirit

    The back cover says " The Poet's quest is one of wide magnitude. He or she must explore the untapped regions of mind and spirit and then proceed to paint a picture in words of that strange and mysterious landscape. The book before you is such a picture, depicting a new yet ancient province of the soul."

    First Light: Selected Poems by Alberto Romero offers 30 poems printed in their original Spanish and also translated to English. After reading any poetry collection the reader should take away a good sense of who the author is. This is definitely the case with this wonderful assortment of the artist’s best work.

    A Pig in the Rumble Seat & other short stories

    This collection of 23 short stories and poem collection was a refreshing read. The stories are a mix of real life tales of the past, works of fiction and works of science fiction along with a collection of poems. The stories range from fantasy science fiction to real life science history, with stories from the great depression era and historical family memories. The author has many different writing styles. Each story was unique in its own way, and while I didn’t always enjoy each story, I knew the next story would be a fresh start and a different tone. Edward Hujsak did a wonderful job with his writings. The publication is what you would expect from the title, an intriguing collection of short stories. The cover art of this collection of stories will grab your attention and lure you into the contents. A Pig in the Rumble Seat was one of my favorite stories along with San Diego’s Missile, Killing a Rooster and The Still. I learned a lot of history by reading this book. I felt I was given an insight into the past, a revelation of time and how things have changed. I loved reading this because I grew up in southern New Hampshire and have spent many years in the same area as the author. It was very interesting to compare his memories with mine and how things have grown and changed over the course of years, but managed to somewhat stay the same. It made me miss home and long to go back. I enjoyed this book for many reasons. I learned things I did not know about in regards to science and missiles. I was amazed at the intelligence of the author, and enjoyed hearing his accounts first hand. The stories were all very different, but many of them were funny, insightful and useful. I felt I received a bit of American history through the readings, along with personal history and generational history. This collection of stories will stay with you. There is something in this book for everyone. I enjoyed reading it.

    BOOK REVIEW: Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing Volume II, Number 1 January 2010 Edited by: Ernest Dempsey Published by: Loving Healing Press ISBN: 978-1-932690-83-5

    "View from the Middle of the Road IV" is the fourth edition of the series. The contributors who are all men, represent four voices from as far away as South Africa to the US shores both east and west. These poems share their views on life, love, loss, religion and the changes that time and society have on their point of view. The poems are funny, sad, tribute-oriented and thought-provoking.

    S. A. Alenthony has written a parody of Dante's "Inferno." Complete with a cynical guide (Mark Twain) and all 9 rings of Hell, he has created an epic poetic masterpiece for the Scientific Mind.

    "Coming Home to My Heart" is a unique poetry book where Donna Solitario really speaks to her readers through poetry. With an emphasis of life experiences and feelings she endured growing up in an abusive alcoholic and dysfunctional home. A family in crisis. It includes an interesting compilation of poetry with raw, and heartfelt emotions. This book is an amazing eye opener, with strong messages. With a focus on speaking to the reader, with awarensess and insight. It includes a myriad of poetry such as: Spirituality, empowerment, inspirational, family, friends, love poems, child abuse, abusive relationships, healing, prayer, miscellellaneous, motivational, and inspirational, for inner peace, and healing through wisdom, faith, hope, and love.

    The Power of Our Prayer

    A heart warming book of poems that lift your spirit and heal your heart

    Deep Breaths, Poetry, Leo Shelton

    Deep Breaths By Leo Shelton ISBN: 9780979178641 Having lived for the last 17 years with a former Marine whose main expression of emotion is a wan smile and a quick nod of the head, I was shaken awake by the raw, demanding, cheek reddening words thrown at me by Leo Shelton from his new book of poetry. I was not expecting a male of our species to show such surprising depth of feeling. He took me on a roller coaster ride in my imagination from smooth New Orleans jazz to the hot streets of Amsterdam and everything in between; and all of this couched in love and honor and understanding. I know what I am getting grandma for Christmas this year, a copy of this book. She needs a little shaking up! And all us women need to know that men like Leo do exist and we all want one like him for Christmas. Or maybe we have men like him; they just don’t have any idea how to express themselves as eloquently as Leo Shelton does. So, I am giving a copy to my husband too, maybe he will get the hint and at least give me a big smile!

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