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Book reviews about pets.

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    Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat

    This book has it all: love, loss, tragedy, and coping with loss, and then finding a new love in your life. Is it a stea,y romance? No--it's the charming story of how a pet, a little black cat named Charm, cna fill a void in your life you might never have known you even had.

    Book Review - Underwater Dogs

    What do dogs look like underwater? Downright funny!

    A candid look into the world of the Tennessee Walking Horse

    One of many animal stories on the market, but this time it's about a rooster

    A look at 47 amazing animal friendships

    Book Review - French Bulldogs

    Part of the Barron's Breed Profile series

    Book Review - Angel on a Leash

    Therapy dogs and the lives they help

    Book Review - Little Boy Blue

    One woman's search to find the truth about her rescue dog's past.

    An easy-reading chapter book about a pony and the little girl who loves him. Loaded with original drawings to keep youngsters turning the pages.

    Once in a Lifetime Dog is the true story of Chantelle Hildreth and the love she had for her Russian Wolfhound, Boris. It is also her story of how Boris changed her life.

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