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Reviews of non-fiction books.

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    Against the backdrop of his most haunting, high-profile murder and child abuse cases, a veteran prosecutor goes beyond an insider's reflection to shine a light on the humanlike qualities personified in the U.S. criminal justice system and what this means for our future. "The Humanity of Justice," by Burke Strunsky is a procedural true-crime book told through the eyes and heart of a veteran criminal prosecutor who cares about the people he meets and their life-altering circumstances. Burke E. Strunsky, a senior deputy district attorney in southern California, takes the reader inside the courtroom for some of the most haunting criminal cases in the state as well as the nation, including: a highly respected church leader who brutally murders his wife for the insurance money while their baby sleeps peacefully in another room; a twisted father who sexually molests his daughter's own friends at her slumber parties; a former police chief who drowns his wife of thirty years in their backyard spa; and a young man who sadistically tortures and kills a helpless three-year-old boy, yet manages to dodge the death penalty.

    A book review of the book Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps by Maureen Sterns,B.A.,M.S.

    There are some mysteries in life that will always defy explanation but eventually fade into the category of the “inexplicable” and then there is the category of events that are inexplicable but debatable. The subject of PSI is one of those inexplicable but debatable topics that have always raised questions that have gone unanswered. Luckily there those within the scientific community that have dedicated their knowledge, wisdom and scientific prowess to seeking the truth to the unanswered questions that are raised in terms of humans and the conscious wielding of PSI powers. One such person is Dr. Theresa M. Kelly who is a renowned metaphysicist and bestselling author. Dr. Kelly has compiled a textbook titled Telepathy A Quantum Approach: The Psychical Influence of Thought which aptly details the in depth study and testing of the PSI ability of telepathy and other aspects of PSI within the scientific realm. This book also includes the building blocks needed to help enhance open up your PSI abilities; this also includes a diet regime and changes in thinking and lifestyle. This is a somewhat technical book and uses many scientific terms that may or may not be familiar to the reader. Although the language used is not extremely difficult to understand it would have helped to have an included glossary to help along the reading and learning process. This book reads pretty much like textbook should, it contains a great deal of subject related data and it is presented thoroughly. Also it does help to have a basic understanding of what PSI is and an interest in the various scientific testing processes; in that way the data reported from the scientific aspect of this book makes sense. This book is packed with some eye opening information that will lead the inquisitive reader into looking for further information. The reader/student is also tested on their recently attained knowledge with questions posed at the end of each chapter. A great plus about this book is the included mental exercises that anyone of any level of PSI experience can try and with a bit of effort may receive notable results. Overall this book is a good solid textbook that is rich with information and possibilities for students. I would recommend this book as a text book for students or the learned of the metaphysical.

    Was Shakespeare written by somebody "more qualified"?

    A close look at a truly indefinable word.

    Offers interesting insight into the Soviet-Afghan War and the U.S-Afghan War.

    Dr. Robin Kelly, author of such award-winning books as "The Human Antenna," provides readers with a new perspective on human existence through the revelation in his new book, "The Human Hologram," that we live in a holographic universe. Evidence to support this theory is discussed in detail, but in an easy-to-follow manner; Kelly breaks his theories down into the Ten Guiding Principles of the Human Hologram. His conclusion is that humans themselves must be holographic, which means people can play an active role by connecting with a unifying field of consciousness to co-create their future and their environment. Unlike many authors who write metaphysical books sprinkled lightly with some scientific jargon, Dr. Kelly is well-experienced in the medical and scientific fields, with a knack to explain difficult theories and provide sufficient evidence to support them so the lay reader can easily follow his argument. Drawing upon holographic, fractal, and quantum science, and Eastern and Western philosophies, Kelly demonstrates that although humans are a small part of the universe, even the smallest part has access to the whole.

    ISBN 9781608320455

    Book Review: A Survival Guide to Debt: How to Overcome Tough Times and Restore Your Financial Health Author: Mitchell Allen Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press ISBN: 978-1-929774-70-8

    Book Review: Got An Angry Kid? Parenting Spike: A Seriously Difficult Child Author: Andrew D. Gibson, PhD Publisher: Loving Healing Press ISBN: 978-1932690897

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