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Reviews of books on humor and comedy.

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    Far-fetched and quirky – highly entertaining

    True Stories, Unusual Circumstances, Unpredictable Outcomes

    Did I say it

    Pest On The Run by Gerry Burke

    These humorous short stories with beguile you, entertain you and make you chuckle. Gerry Burke

    A very funny look at 'sisterly love'

    The author’s talent is beyond proficient; he creates with vigor and fresh plotting. It was a joy reading this comic historical epic. I don't think you'll have any problem diving in and loving the ride.

    A humorous look at Facebook addiction

    A new take on a classic

    Running, And Other Bad Habits

    Running, And Other Bad Habits is a hilarious collection of fictional--or not so fictional--short stories on running and the running life penned by ultra-marathoner, trail-runner and Texas humorist Mark Henderson.

    "Discipline: A Play," by Gerard Bianco, is a madcap comedy with a sympathetic mix of wit, banter, love and frustration that flirts with the obsessions that can drive a man to madness. Meet Harold Jenkins, a sexually frustrated man. Essentially isolated in his NYC apartment, he is helpless against the powers that control his every hour. He's stuck in a rut of old habits and that's making things difficult with Lilly, his less-than-generous lady love. But for Harold, new possibilities arrive in the appearance of a mysterious stranger. He can't quite figure out how to respond to this strange person he finds sniffling on his stove in the middle of the night. Bewildered and confused, Harold is faced with a critical decision: will he succumb to the requirements dictated by the powers that be, or will he take control of his life in the only way he knows how?

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