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Book reviews of business books.

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    Do we really know how to inspire? There is a huge difference in motivating and inspiring as you will learn from Barber. Do you think you motivate your employees and family members by being strong, assertive and setting a good example? Are you passionate and compassionate about your work? Barber will tell you that you may not be cutting it!

    The Potter's Keeper

    First of all, when I asked for this book to review I envisioned a chronological book about pottery, how ancient pottery was made, and historical facts about the society during that time. In a sense, this is what the book is about but more importantly there is an underlying message of how pottery and ceramics have shaped and changed economics. I had to step back and refocus on what I was going to get out of the book and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.

    In the down turn of the economy as well as being on a budget most of us are wanting innovative ways to stretch that dollar because sometimes the month is just too darn long. Lisa Sims certainly understands our dilemma and is prepared to give us the way out.

    My Little Black Book to Success

    I immediately knew I was on the same page as Tom Marquardt when I got to Part I - Stop Biting Your Nails and Start Sharpening Your Claws.

    The Next Generation of Women Leaders

    History and information about women in management.

    Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

    Book details information on buying fix-up houses.

    A must have book by any small business owner!

    Sound strategies for a down market Whether the market is up or down it is good to know what the Warren Buffet’s are investing in. Unfortunately most of us are strapped with less pocket change and many of our investments play an important part or crucial percentage in our accumulation strategy, or in our efforts to build a retirement nest egg. Learn more.

    Hindsight is 20/20! Loved this book. Easy to read and jammed packed with tips that will keep the “fixer uppers” and “flippers’ out of trouble.

    By Mathew Dickerson It’s like reading the 10 Commandments for small businesses and business owners. 52 rules useful for small businesses and for many other projects as well! Mathew Dickerson writes a personal, useful guide for every small business owner. It can help you in your personal life as well.

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