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Book reviews of business books.

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    4* All about metric development

    5*- An entertaining eye opener!

    Book Review - Compass

    Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader’s Guide

    Google Income

    Make money blogging with Google

    199 Internet-Based Businesses

    "199 Internet-Based Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars" is a very insightful and hands on type of book. Author Sharon L. Cohen gives the reader many helpful insights into how one can begin a business, what to look for and expect concerning the positive as well as the negative aspects. She deals with running a business online, how to set up a home office, advertising, creating an effective web-site and so much more. Then after helping the reader learn what must be done to get a business up and running she devotes the rest of the book to many different types of businesses that can be started within this one thousand dollar amount. She gives information on businesses such as: Advertising, Animals, Clothing, Collectibles, Food, Health Care, Writing and so much more. Each of these areas, as well as others, is expanded upon giving the reader a better understanding of what might work in their local area. She certainly helps the reader see the importance of finding their own niche and not trying to just copy someone's work. There are personal stories included throughout the book of those who have started their own business to provide inspiration and support. There is a very helpful business plan included at the end of the book as well as a table of contents to help the reader jump around should they be looking for a particular area of interest. I found this to be a very insightful book and one that anyone who is considering starting a new business should read. This book was provided by Review The Book for my honest review.

    Start a Business Step-by-Step Workbook

    A comprehensive, hands-on workbook to help Entrepreneurs start a business.

    A look at how to get the US Economy back on track

    Small Business Rules

    This is both a very entertaining (with the cartoons) and rewarding (with the detailed information). I really enjoyed reading this book and learning new things that should be included to make a small business successful as well as being reminded of things that I already knew but are very important. Author Matthew Dickerson discusses the importance of having a proper attitude, getting out of one's comfort zone and using your own products as just a few of the many rules that one needs to follow to have a thriving business. I found each rule to be important and feel that new and existing business owners will find this a rewarding read. This book provides great insight to remind the business owner that they are ever competing for business and one can never become too relaxed. We should be careful what we say as most of the time someone will repeat that and it will cause of harm if it is of a negative form. This would be a great tool to use for a weekly business meeting. Each rule is short and to the point. It would be a great jump start to have positive communication among the leaders/employees as well as to cover so many of the necessary topics that a manager/leader would need to cover. Also, this would be a great investment for a small business leaders/young chamber leaders group to purchase and use to have a form of positive learning discussions at their meetings. I look forward to finding more resourceful material from this author and learning from his nuggets of wisdom. This book was provided by for my honest review. The material was great, but somehow the print was blurry. I have no way of knowing if this was the only copy like this or if all of the books look like this. For that reason I would give it 4 of 5 stars.

    How To Open & Operate A Financially Successful Personal and Executive Coaching Business: With Companion CD-ROM

    Authors Kristie Lorette and John Peragine have put together a very detailed and well organized book on how to open and operate a Coaching Business. I found their book to be very understanding and a must read for someone who is considering being a personal or executive coach. Two of the chapters deal with the timing of starting this type of business as well as what type of coach you would want to be. There is a great amount of energy spent in helping the reader know what type of coach they would like to become. If someone is too general in their description, then someone else who is more specific will get the job. Find out what you are good at, like to do and then go in that direction. These two issues are very important as to the success that one would have within this field. There is information on how and where to set up one's office, how to create a business plan and establish client fees. The authors also reminds the readers of the importance of getting the business legally structured correctly while discussing the various options available. When starting this type of business one must realize there is a great amount of time spent in securing the client. However, also realize there is time involved during the process of working with the client as well as after the meeting as you prepare for additional coaching sessions. There is also much needed information on how to secure new clients and maybe even as important how to keep them. So many new business owners focus on the growth then forget those who they already have on board and we are reminded to take care of those who have already joined our business and they in return will take care of us. There is also a list of coaching schools and organizations and a bibliography for additional research and reading. The extra nice part that the authors have included is a CD-ROM that contains all the forms within the book as well as a editable business plan. This book was provided by for my honest review. 5 of 5 stars

    The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Online Business With Free Tools is a social media marketing guide by Gabriela Taylor meant for those who are either currently or planning on running their own online business.

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