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Nicole Mahoney

I am 26 years old. I currently work as a graphic designer but love a good book at home.

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Renewal of Love

In "Renewal of Love" by Nancy J. Dowdy-Adams, Madeline Lewis is in love. She’s about to get married and she couldn’t possibly be happier. Then disaster strikes. Her fiancé dies in a car accident the night before their wedding. Madeline is devastated. Two years later, Madeline goes on a three-week vacation with her sister, Debra, in Greece. Their first night in Greece, the sisters go to a fancy restaurant where Madeline catches the eye of Prince Chryses Depelos, who is already engaged. Madeline isn’t ready for a relationship, so she pushes Chryses away every chance she gets. Besides, she can’t stand the fact that he would hit on her when he is already in a relationship. But she can’t help feeling attracted to him. Chryses decides he wants Madeline and he will do anything to get her. He breaks off his engagement and focuses all of his attention on Madeline. He goes to some pretty extensive lengths to gain her affection. He’s frustrated that she won’t give him a chance to win her heart. "Renewal of Love" is a charming story about love and the risks it takes to fall in love. Falling in love is always risky, but Madeline’s injured heart raises the stakes because she can’t take another heartbreak. Chryses’ frustration and temper make their relationship that much more volatile. Will they risk it all and find the rewards of true love or will they decide there’s too much risk and back out? I enjoyed this book. It’s a good romance, refreshingly pure and undeniably sweet. The characters are realistic and easy to like. Dowdy-Adams does a good job showing the struggles Madeline and Chryses go through for this relationship. The reader sees how hard a time Madeline has falling in love again or even letting herself feel for another man because of her injured heart. The reader also sees how frustrated Chryses gets when Madeline keeps pushing him away. It’s an incredibly romantic and uplifting story that will make you believe that love will overcome any obstacle. This book will appeal to women of all ages. After all, there is something irresistible about the idea of falling in love with a prince.

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