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Natalie Monzyk

I’m a 19 year-old college student with a love for reading, writing, music, and creativity in general. Most of my free time is spent looking for new books and musicians that strike me as a little above the rest, though I will admit–I can be kind of critical. As far as books go, I read from pretty much every genre, though I think young adult/teen fiction will always have a special place in my heart. I’m always willing to try a new book!

 Articles by this Author

Review of Ginger High

After the suspicious destruction of her normal high school, Daisy Fisher gets transferred to Ginger High, a school for students for special powers. But Daisy doesn't quite fit in, as she hasn't discovered her powers yet, which isn’t good, because “normals” who find out about the secret of Animist (a parallel universe full of supernatural creatures) have to be disposed of. To top that off, students are being attacked, and a war’s breaking out in Animist. Throw in a cute, mysterious boy who’s got a thing for her, and you’ve got an action-packed adventure.

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