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Angela Pratt

I am a reader. I am not ashamed of it and I don’t care who knows it. I.LOVE.TO.READ. It is almost like a calling to me. I swear I feel it in my blood. I love losing myself in the story, the characters, the setting, etc. I do not pretend to know how to write, so forgive me if I don’t get this review thing right all the time. BUT, I will be honest and I will try my best to not have misspellings or bad grammar because I LOATHE IT!!

 Articles by this Author

White Leaves is a gritty, action-packed, non-stop thrill ride that will have you clinging to the pages in anticipation of what comes next. It is a unique story about elves and how they are truly the policeman of our world. They are the keepers of earth and will go to any length to keep her safe, even if it means destroying humankind in the process.

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