Valentinno, best known to his fans as simply Valentinno, is an author, poet, writer and speaker. Born in Ridgewood, New York and raised in Glendale on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, Valentinno developed a love for writing at a very early age. With encouragement from his friends and family he pursued his dream of writing through high school and college. After graduating from Whitestone Academy and the Parsons School of Design, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he started his own line of greeting cards featuring his personal artwork and written words. Soon, Valentinno realized that he had much more passion for writing than for the artistic work involved in the card business so he devoted himself exclusively to writing. He got his big break as a screenwriter for film and worked with many of the top film companies. He also spent time as a lyricist for major recording artists. Even as he was becoming more recognized throughout the industry as an excellent writer, he remained unfulfilled. His dream was to be an accomplished author and one day he gathered some of his poetry and letters together and submitted them to a publisher. Not long after that the name Valentinno appeared on a published book. Soon, the love letters and poems of Valentinno were being read and praised by critics, reviewers and casual readers who all commented on Valentinno’s strong romantic pulse and mad passionate views. Once this first book was published, Valentinno became a name to be reckoned with and soon, several more books followed. Valentinno’s style features classic language and elaborate and exquisite imagery. His work soon became some of the most popular in the publishing world and his collection A Romantics’ Passion The Tenth Muse is ranked at #9 out of 100 bestselling books surpassing works from such classic authors as Lord Byron, John Keats, Percy Shelley, Petrarch, and Dante. Since being published Valentinno has received numerous awards including The Gold Standard of Literary Excellence, and has been asked to compose works for dignitaries around the world including, Queen Elizabeth of England. A Romantic’s Passion was also featured at the international writer’s conference in Dubai. Valentinno is a favorite among journalists and is often asked to sit for interviews and magazines covers. In just the last few years his work and his image have appeared in the Queens Ledger, Forest Hills Times, Glendale Register, Ledger Observer, Queens Examiner, Queens Examiner Magazine, Rego Park Times, Brooklyn Star, Queens Courier, Liberty News, Times News Weekly, LIC Journal, Astoria Journal, Tribune and the Queens Chronicle. Valentinno is also a regular on the local New York radio scene and recently sat for an interview with Audrey Johnson at Trump Towers. He has also appeared on The New Yorker Late Night Talk Show, The Bill Russo Radio Show, Niteline Radio, the Eva Tortora Radio Show, and WGGB 1240 AM. Valentinno’s next major project is a novel, 21 Days in Tuscany and already his fans wait in eager anticipation.