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Colleen Bratley

Colleen Bratley is the author of The Giving Collection and her first young adult novel The Morac. She grew up around a lot of animals and avid book readers in Wisconsin. As these became her passions, she writes to share them with others. Colleen now resides in North Carolina, with family, friends, and of course lots of animals.
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 Articles by this Author

Writing any book of fiction, mystery, fantasy or thriller has to be believable. In this case it is believable, enjoyable and very readable. You will want to read the sequel(s) too.

Medicine Man I The Chief of All Time

This is an interesting read that keeps moving, and devoloping the character. Enjoyable and enlightening.

Dark Water by Jen Talty A Book Review

A romantic mystery that keeps you moving, guessing, and enjoying the ride. The characters are endearing, and finding their way through the dark water.

A romance with a little out of the ordinary mixed in. It's a nice short story.

Reading a life story can be fun. In this case it was extraordinary. I had always wondered what life was life in Germany during World War II, but it was much more extreme than I have ever imagined. If you have ever wondered about how the people of Germany allowed Hitler to be, then this is a must read.

Enigma Black by Sara Furlong Burr

Enigma: mystery, somebody or something that is not easily explained or understood. That is just what you and Celaine are trying to figure out as you turn the pages. An enjoyable story, with characters that explode your mind.

Sometimes you find a book, that you really enjoy. You want to read more with this story, or lead character. This book is one of those. You will really enjoy it, and want more.

The Unsacred Gift, A Book Review

Reading 'The Unsacred Gift' authored by C.S. Dorsey was absorbing and intriguing. The main character's search for the sanctity of her soul was riveting and self identifying as we all search for the same things at some point if not all of our lives.

Stay Tuned, A Book Review

'Stay Tuned', authored by Lauren Clark, was a quick read because I wanted to find out what happened. It is one of those fiction stories that you think you know what and who did what, only to find out you were wrong. And so was the main character.

Jamie and the Angel is a short little story of understanding. It brings the reader into the real life situation that many children face, but with a real heartfelt answer.

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