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Colleen Bratley

Colleen Bratley is the author of The Giving Collection and her first young adult novel The Morac. She grew up around a lot of animals and avid book readers in Wisconsin. As these became her passions, she writes to share them with others. Colleen now resides in North Carolina, with family, friends, and of course lots of animals.
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 Articles by this Author

Pestilence, famine, war, oh my. Creativity, shock, and a questioning what, all rolled into one story.

A fantasy written so you can see it like you're actually there. It's a story that's entertaining and surprising which you'll certainly enjoy.

Surprise is probably a mild way to put it. Shock would have most assuredly fit the emotional reaction perceived, but of course as a title and what happened, surprise works much better.

This is a story about a fraud psychic that solves a murder because his way of gathering information to carry out the scams, gives him the ability to discover the unanswered question of motive.

A fantasy that proves anything can happen, especially when you least expect it. It's a story that's entertaining and surprising which you'll certainly enjoy.

A fantasy that keeps you reading, wondering and entertained. So much can be developed with fiction, but without characters you enjoy, the story never blossoms. Aoife keeps you entertained, and involved. It's a good read and you'll want to read the sequels to find out what else happens.

This is an autobiography of an extraordinary gift Kim was given. She had a choice to ignore it, or use it to help others. To ignore it would be easy, somewhat, to use it would entail life changes and hard work. Through it all, Kim was thankful. Even when it all made her mad.

This is a story that touches your heart and captures your soul. You enjoy sharing the time with Sawyer, his family and friends feeling like you belong. You understand them, you could be one of the family, and really enjoy their company.

Romance is like a breath of fresh air and this story is no exception. Vi Keeland found a way to weave the chemistry into the life of both characters with her can't stop reading technique. It's a very enjoyable read with realistic and heart thumping writing style.

Writing a story in the first person is not uncommon, but when that first person is a horse, well, I really wasn't expecting it to actually be entertaining to say the least. Thankfully since I have such a huge admiration and respect for horses, I decided to give it a read. What a pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable story this is.

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