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Colleen Bratley

Colleen Bratley is the author of The Giving Collection and her first young adult novel The Morac. She grew up around a lot of animals and avid book readers in Wisconsin. As these became her passions, she writes to share them with others. Colleen now resides in North Carolina, with family, friends, and of course lots of animals.
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 Articles by this Author

A short horror story written to keep you reading and wondering how it ends.

An adventure sprinkled with fantasy and fun every child, teen and young adult will love. What am I saying, I am an older adult and I really liked it.

A story combining fantasy, love and mystery with a wand of magic. It really is magic that weaves the characters together into a nice storyline. You want to see what happens, and actually aren't sure at times which character to root for.

Very creative intrigue, twists you don't see coming, characters that become your friends, and a story that's written to keep you turning the pages.

This book is a detective series with a lead character that gets ingrained into your psyche and keeps you wanting more. The author knows how to create and develop great characters but also a story that you don't see coming, and can't get enough of. I loved the book. He's done it again. Big intrigue, surprising story, great read.

A woman's way can be blatant, subtle or anything in between. In this book a siren and her lineage are that and more. Following them in their trek through the years showed just how manipulative sirens can be, but the author also showed that no matter what, the human side of emotions can actually rule the roost.

Resistance is pertinent to freedom, and that word brings the reader to not only identify with the characters but actually live and breathe their steps, and then almost chant for more. How precious freedom is, and how quickly, quietly and stealthily it can be taken away.

This story is the epitome of what if. I found myself asking that question throughout the book as I tried to picture what happened, and how it would end.

Aberrant by Ruth Silver, A Book Review

Innocence and hope abound in this story. You find yourself rooting for the characters as they flounder through a reality they had never conceived of. It is interesting, entertaining, and touching.

A creative, detailed, and surprising story. I haven't read vampire stories since I read a few by Anne Rice, but this one was really very interesting, and I'm glad I took a chance.

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