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Eleanor Wright

Eleanor L. Wright, wife, mother, grandmother, inventor, and song writer. Love to travel locally and abroad.

 Articles by this Author

Megan's Christmas Miracle

Megan's Christmas Miracle tells the story of how Megan Baxter’s childhood dream eventually became a reality. Over the years, Megan’s family had developed an unusual holiday traditions. The family was to spend Christmas away from the long-hours and hard work of running the family restaurant and travel to a destination chosen by a secret ballot of all family members. For seven years Megan had longed for her dream vacation to be chosen. Her choice was the same every year: Bethlehem - the birthplace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Year after year, her dream wasn't realized but in 1970, Megan’s father said the words she longed to hear. After such a long wait, she and her family were going to spend their Christmas vacation in Israel. And that was just the beginning of a dream that went far and above her childhood dream.

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