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Ray Palen

Ray Palen is an amateur actor, book/film reviewer and runs a successful Theatre group on Long Island with his wife. An avid reader who regularly reads up to 3 books per week, Ray has been published on multiple on-line and national print publications. He lives with his wife, Debbie, in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.
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 Articles by this Author

Tom Rob Smith's follow-up to his award-winning first novel, "Child 44", is a classic story set within Russia during the post-Stalin era. Leo and Raisa Demidov, along with their newly adopted daughters, face a threat directly from Leo's past deeds during the Stalin regime that they cannot hide from.

61-year old Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef leads the local police department in the small Candadian town of Port Dundas. When an elderly resident is found brutally murdered, Hazel soon begins to locate trace of a pattern that leads to a country-wide manhunt for killer with a unique calling and unpredictable hidden agenda!

Dr. Jonathan Ransom just discovered his wife was not who he thought she was - she is actually a spy working for the stealth U.S. agency known as Division. She may have stopped an international incident in the last novel - but now returns to reveal more about her past and a new agenda that may not be so innocent.

Chelsea Cain's female serial killer, Gretchen Lowell, is on the loose and has brought a flourish of media adoration in her wake. Can Detective Archie Sheridan step out of the insane asylum he checked himself into to stop a string of grisly murders that may be the result of a Gretchen Lowell copy-cat cult? Hang on for another wild ride!

Tom Rob Smith's first novel, "Child 44", is the finest Russian-based murder mystery since Martin Cruz Smith's classic, "Gorky Park".

Reich enters Robert Ludlum story with a tale of international espionage involving deception, false identities and plot to start a nuclear war in the Middle East.

Modern day Salem and the historical Salem of the infamous Witch Trials era meet head on in this intelligent, literary novel.

Gritty and real espionage/thriller written by a former military intelligence operative. Hard-core spy games without the typical 'fluff' usually found within other entries in this genre.

"Vanished" - Joseph Finder

Best-selling thriller writer, Joseph Finder, returns with yet another excellent thriller that goes deep into the worlds of military intelligence and international finance.

Warren Fahy's 1st novel - "Fragment" - is a hit and the ideal 'summer read'!

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