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Sandra Brown has written a thriller that is captivating. From the very first page, this book had my full attention. The plot is exciting and it makes the reader feel like they are right there in the middle of the action that is taking place. The book is full of strong characters who keep the reader in suspense

What is the body farm? It is a research facility at the University of Tennessee where students who are studying forensics can learn about the various stages of decomposition of bodies. There are hundreds of corpses in various states of disrepair. Some bodies are above ground and others are buried.

I enjoyed The Bricklayer very much but liked Agent X even more. Noah Boyd knows how to write a thriller by combining action, intriguing characters and several plots going on at the same time and the pace of the book is exactly right.

Oogy had the will to survive the terrible torture of dog fighting.  See how a family and a few other people were determined to save him.

We all know that revenge, if we let it, will keep gnawing away at one until it almost destroys a life. Keep this in mind as you read this book.

No Mad by Sam Moffie is a modern-day picaresque novel of rediscovery of America, as told through the eyes of the recently cuckolded highschool teacher and author Aaron Abrams.

Annie has a difficult time trying to stay out of an investigation.  She cannot hold back any longer when danger starts to prevail.

Max and the flock take the reader on another wild ride as they try to solve another major problem.

Will Holly and her friends find happiness?

Is it just a matter of Ty Hauck being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a driveby shooting occurs? 

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