CreateSpace (2010)
ISBN 9781452867731
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (7/11)

As a Psychologist and college professor I get many questions about reincarnation, especially from my students at a Christian college. Although many do not believe in past lives, Marie Gates has provided her own research and thoughts on this topic. Through her writing, she will get you to have second thoughts about what you believe.

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Gates has done much research over the years on her own past lives and karma. Her extraordinary way with words describe in detail how she discovered these past lives and what her feelings were at the time of discovery. She is enthusiastic about her theory and supports it through research from individuals like Edgar Cayce, and the use of Harmonic Vibrational Therapy (HVT). In addition she gives great detailed information about HVT.

She states “Who are we and why? Don’t most of us think of this? Do you have vivid dreams of people that have made an impact on your life?” She goes on to quote Sylvia Browne, “Almost everything about us in rooted in a past life.”

In “Are We Our Past Lives?,” Marie Gates discusses negative karma, emotional challenges and the roles we play. Her book is very informative. You will need to read this slowly, jot down notes or questions and do some research of your own. After reading this book, you might be undecided as to what you believe - some of us are on the fence.  Ms. Gates’ information, research and excellent writing skills will give you food for thought - this is a journey all should take.