As the subtitle indicates "Piercing the Veil"  delves into science and mysticism giving the reader a concrete look into ancient wisdom that comes from a variety of Eastern religions.  Jones precludes much of his research and study by saying "What we need to do for mystical experiences to occur is to empty the mind of what is central to science." (p 58)  I certainly can't disagree with him and truly believe that belief systems, which include science,  sometimes get in our way to fully discover who we are and what reality is.

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"Piercing the Veil" isn't an easy read.  It is complex, multifaceted and comprehensive.  At the end of each chapter Jones has "notes" which reference research.  I found this part extremely helpful. This is a book that is particularly supportive if you are unsure of your own beliefs or contemplating study of mysticism.  The underlying philosophical content is sure to give you direction and a deeper understanding of life.  Highly recommended to those that are willing to spend the time to embark on deeper understanding.