“It's Not a Life Sentence: Liberating Your Self, Becoming Who You Are” by Marj Frazer Lacey MS, MFT


Who is on first? You are!

Lacey does a fabulous job of getting you to your core. She instills you with ways to crack out of that shell and helps you ooze with happiness. Her commentary, stories and techniques are refreshing, and enlightening. Lacey offers ideas, reasons, and ways to be much more. To take stock of yourself and to find out what really makes you tick. She separates your fluff from your foundation.

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This book is well written and brings out some very deep issues within each of us.

The detachment that many people feel is monumental. Everyday we talk to our friends, work associates, and family to find that our conversations are shallow and meaningless. What do we do to contribute to that emptiness and how does it affect us? How can we change it? This book allows you to understand the traps we have fallen into and insights as to how-to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, to change, and have meaning and fulfillment in our lives. What are our options? How do we change? How do we know we are even in trouble with our authentic self? We have become our own prisoners. Prisoners who have lost hope or who never knew how to unshackle themselves.  Awareness is the first step of defining who you are and shaping your mental, emotional and physical self. It is accurate to say, “The truth shall set you free.” Yes, it can happen to you without years of therapy.

One of the best aspects of the book is the questions she asks. She allows you to write your thoughts, concerns and feeling down. This allows you to see yourself from another perspective. Lacey guides you with questions, options and answers.   You will learn how some of your beliefs and convictions hold you back. She helps liberate your feelings and thinking so you may grow. She talks about control and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions in a positive light that moves you forward. Self knowledge helps you gain control. Control helps you gain self esteem. Self esteem helps you to change and set goals. This book is very well written. It is a labor of love and truly a wonderful gift. Self limited beliefs hold you back from being your true self. This book familiarizes you with many, many way to change your thinking and liberates your true being. She offers you the how to chip away at the stone. Progress will be inevitable. You will be glad you took the first step.  I received a complimentary review copy.