"Part memoir and part anthology - this book is a spiritual autobiography. ...And because he has a gift of lyric poetry, he includes a rich selection of poems written as his life experience unfolds, making the evolving of a sensitive spirit." (Part of blurb from back of book.)  The combination of narrative and poetry made the read more interesting because, as a reader, I could journey into Donald L. Fletcher's soul and get in touch with his internal spirit.

The story begins with Fletcher living in Korea with his missionary parents and the trials and tribulations of life there.  He then transitions to his quest at Princeton,

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to meeting his wife, to living in Latin America, to returning to the United States, to moving to Mexico City and then back to home ground to settle in New Jersey and live out the rest of his life.

"Turnings" is a pleasant and interesting read while giving the reader a glimpse into a not-so-ordinary ordinary life.  Although most of us don't have the opportunity to live in so many different places or have as many experiences in other countries, we do get in touch with a man that is like many of us:  child, spouse, parent.  I thoroughly enjoyed, not only learning about the life of Donald R. Fletcher, but also being able to see how a spiritual quest unfolded  and remained intact.