When you feel and don't know how to say...that is getting into the depths of the soul.  And, that's exactly what Estafania Crespo does as she offers her rendition of feelings, thoughts, and contemplations through her words of poetry.

As I contemplated each piece I reflected on my own life and pulled out experiences I've had.  It drew out many thoughts I haven't had before and am grateful for the experience. To me, if I can experience a change in my life through

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reading poetry I consider it as a gift and that's exactly what Estafania gave me.

I'd like to share my favorite and one that spoke deeply to my soul:


We can take the fate,
Of the unknown.
When we are born,
That is what we are told.

Do we dare to stand up?
Be afraid?
Escaping the feelings,
We begin to raid.

Accepting being human,
A s we undergo our senses.
Life beats us with a drum,
When we learn to raise our defenses.