In “Wtf? Tales from the Burbs” Lucia Cascioli brings her vibrant take on everyday life experiences we encounter where you might feel compelled to say “wtf?” and shares them in funny short stories from the “burbs.” I thoroughly enjoyed this little book of stories and laughed quite a bit because I could relate to the things that happened, and of course like the title says, they make you want to say “Wtf?”

In “The Rules for the Ride” Cascioli gives 10 rules for flying, (rules 1-3 are a must read). Rule number one: Why do people take an over packed carry-on bag that is too big, causing the line to be held up, when they know the airlines will have to check that bag for them at the gate? Wtf? Rule number two:  People jumping line while boarding.  Really?  Who do they think they are, and where are they going? It’s not their turn!  Wtf?  My favorite rule from this chapter is about being on a plane with crying children and says that “children should be given a break for being children.” I couldn’t agree more! Wtf? The parents already have enough pressure dealing with the child’s needs and then have to deal with the grunts and unfriendly looks of those who are intolerant of the little people!

Okay I would definitely read this again and especially feel the need to share the funny parts with my friends! Well those that can deal with the title of the book.  I think the title is captivating. I bet some people just want to say it when you read the contents of this book. This happens to be my first title from Lucia Cascioli and her spunky and sassy personality seems to radiate in her writing which happened to make this a fun read!  

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In short, “Wtf? Tales from the Burbs” by Lucia Cascioli is a fun read! It is very entertaining and deals with real facts! In “Canada, Land of Many Seasons,” Cascioli is responding to a school policy they follow during cold weather and tells the parents to “get a grip!” because it’s Canada and it’s always cold in Canada during the winter months!  Did I say it…wtf?

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Wtf?’ by Lucia Cascioli on Blogcritics. 

Wtf? Tales from the Burbs
Lucia Cascioli

Lulu Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9781483403489
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (8/14)