I love stories of medieval times and fantasy so it had a lot going for it from the start.  The writing though was what took you into the era hook line and sinker.  You saw, felt and heard what the characters did from page 1 through to the end, and lived in that time.  It truly was wonderfully written.  I read some other reviews, and seriously thought the lower rated ones somehow missed the mark.  I found a few mistakes in this book, but I can find those and more in the biggest named authors out there.  The author's writing ability far outweighs a few mistakes.  Trust me.

If you know anything about King Uther, King Arthur, Merlyn and the Druids, then you will know some of the storyline.  How this author goes into the background of these people though is what keeps you fascinated and wondering throughout the pages.  I always wonder about characters and in this case historical figures and their lives beyond what I have read, such as their childhood, what shaped their personalities and so forth.  This story ventures into that realm of speculation, or maybe truths, you be the judge.

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It's a great story to give to a younger audience, from 3rd through adult age as it is written with clean yet interesting verbage.  No sex or profanity, and even though there are wars fought and therefore violence, it is told with a gravity toward a 'compassionate humanity wins out', giving it an ending feel of the right morals are in place.  Morals that when the leaders lived by them, a great nation was born.  History tells us how great it was, and also what the falsehoods and falters were.  If only present leaders would understand history and see that it repeats itself, for the same reasons.

The format of the story is a character that lived it, telling the story of what actually happened.  It was a nice and comfortable rendering that made you feel connected, like years had not passed.  The fantasy elements were what allowed this possibility and for the story to continue, again connecting you with the past as if it happened just yesterday.  I consider it a great way to tell an historical tale that keeps the reader engaged and learning a little history at the same time.

Overall I loved the book.  I have since purchased it for others, and recommend all who are interested in the medieval times to enjoy this venture.  The ebook is extremely easy to buy, very affordabe and one you definitely won't put off reading after reading just the first page.