She had help from someone named Chris or so it seemed.   But then Nathan just happened to be there to find her, or wasn't it a coincidence?  Who did this to her?  Why?  How did they pick her, was it random or is there a much bigger picture?  These are questions that flutter your thoughts as you turn page after page hoping to find all the answers.  You analyze all the details deciding to be the super sleuth and figure it all out before you get to the end, but good luck with that.

Demelza Carlton has a gift when she writes; the gift of weaving a story of intrigue while setting a stage that appears to be straightforward, yet is anything but.  She creates characters that you root for, care for, and yet aren't sure of.  You wonder if you should believe what they are saying, or realize they mean different from what you understood.  She keeps you on your toes and rooted to the story, making it impossible to do anything but keep turning the pages.  She invites you into the story and then anchors you with your soul, wrapping the words around every fiber of your being making you not only unable, but unwilling to put it down, even after the last page.

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Somewhere during the tale you think you have it all figured out, but when you get to the end, you're lucky if you did.  That's all I can say because I didn't quite hit the mark.  But wait, she ends it with a blast of question marks searing your brain with only a few simple words.  And now you have to know more.  Now you realize there is much, much more to this story, and you just have to know what it is.  Even though you still had questions about some things, the last page actually cranked the engine to warp speed of wanting the answers.

The characters are developed with such depth, that you realize this book has really only scratched the surface, drawing you to start the search for book two.  Actually, Demelza shouldn't be allowed to publish a series without all of them being ready for sale.  Simple as that.  It should be against the law.

I think it's quite obvious I really liked this story, and loved the writing ability even more.  It was wonderful, superb and a must read.  Every one she writes I'm sure is great.  I know I will be finding that out as soon as possible.