Well that's what the story tells you anyway.  Dreaming is, for some, an ability to be in another dimension and as alive and active as what we believe is our normal reality.  Actually more alive and more able to do things which are believed to not be possible otherwise.  Confusing?  I was confused at first even though I thought I knew what was going on, but then I had to question things and get all the lines blurred again.

Follow the path and you won't get lost.  Really?  No.  This story is not that easy or it would be boring.  This creation takes you on a journey that is anything but boring.  The characters bring it to life and as you learn about them your emotions join theirs and you even want to shake them up a bit when they do or say something you know they shouldn't.  That's what you'd do in real life so if the author can bring that through on the page, then he has done his job.

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The great thing about fiction is you can create anything you want.  The hard part for the author is to make it believable.  If you can convince your reader that this could actually happen, get them to feel like they are really there in the moment, and make them want to read more, then your creation becomes real.  The reader loves it, and imagines it as a possible real tangible event.  This book brings the story and its characters to life.  Yes there is some explanation of the new never before known elements replication, but the story as told is pretty darn good.

I have to say there are a few places where it seemed the characters would not get out unscathed or even alive for that matter.  But the author, using his great creative mind manages to move them forward and leave you nothing but surprised and entertained.

It is a mystery fantasy journey that students and a few teachers take into another realm of reality.  It's a story that happens mostly in the dream world with a little of the "normal" reality mixed in.

I have to say I was surprised and happy with the story.  It wasn't what I expected, and the author's ability to weave a tale that has to have a sequel or two yet still has an ending was wonderful.  It's entertaining, and I'm sure you will enjoy it.