The Guide to Writing Letters to Celebrities was written by Chris Lucas. This book is meant for those who have wanted to write letter to celebrities and get replies back, so for that group of people out there, they might find this book to be pretty informative. Lucas writes a combination of personal experiences in writing letters to celebrities as well as an actual guide for writing these letters.

At first, Lucas wrote to these celebrities to acquire signed items to auction off to raise money for a school for the blind in New Jersey. Then, learning from his mistakes that led to a large bulk of the letters being ignored, he developed a new method that solicited more responses from signed items to celebrity appearances at events.

The first part of the book starts with something that ought to be glaringly obvious: contacting celebrities. He lists a few places where the reader might be able to find contact information for actors, celebrities, and athletes. Then, he goes onto the actual materials that are preferable for writing letters to elicit responses. From there, the reader gets a step-by-step guide for writing a successful letter (meaning more likely to elicit a response from a celebrity).

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Lucas then provides several sample letters to every kind of celebrity you can imagine: athlete, director, politician, producer, mentor, writer, and even a CEO. The very last part of the book goes into some success stories that the author had as well as others who have written letters and gotten responses back.

This book reads as something that would probably apply to any sales-related function, and the author already outlined the fact that he had used these letters to collect items to be sold at auctions, so that does make sense.

Overall, it is a fairly short book and a pretty quick read. There isn’t too much in the way of fluff and I think that if you go through the steps, you will likely see the result you’re after. Those who are looking for an interesting read are not really the target audience for this book. This book is really geared toward the specific goal of writing letters to high-profile individuals and getting responses back. I imagine this would be a fun gift for a young person who is obsessed with Hollywood or someone who is looking to raise money for a charitable cause.

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